is a really fun collaboration tool

One of the more challenging aspect of my job is having to trouble shoot someone over the phone. It is easy to diagnose a problem when I can see it, but if I can’t see what is happening on the users desktop, I have to rely on description which is never a good idea and can take forever. Today I started using a new solution for this issue and the result has been absolutely great.While we do have a Desktop Management System at my job, it is only for computers attached to our network and with the client installed. Student machines and users’ home machines are not included in that system. Skype is an option, but if the person I’m on the phone with doesn’t have an account I’m again out of luck. Enter is a free desktop sharing web app that is powered by LogMeIn. Simply head over to and you can start sharing your desktop, or join someones sharing session. Each session provides you with a basic chatroom, a telephone number for conference calls,  and mouse control so others can control your mouse. Installation is a simple download that takes about a minute to install and get up and running. Once your session is started you are provided with a number that you can send out to anyone to join along.

If you’re an IT support person and you’re looking for a fast and free way to desktop share, I definitely recommend


One comment on “ is a really fun collaboration tool

  1. Hey. I have tried using remote support software and it works well. Additionally, I have even tried using various other remote support tools such as RHUB, logmeinrescue, GoSupportNow, GoToMyPC etc. and they are good too.

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