Blackboard Sync: You’ve got Blackboard on my Facebook

One of the  questions I get at work a lot is about how faculty can communicate effectively with students. Some people choose e-mail, some use GroupMe to create a chain of text messages. Some look to social networks such as Facebook to communicate, but is there a simple solution for this?

Blackboard sync is a feature that allows students to install an app on their facebook accounts. This will allow them to check information on their Blackboard courses. After a few simple steps you can see information about your Blackboard courses and organizations in facebook.

This is a simple and effective way for students to be able to look at Blackboard info without entering the site. Another advantage is that it is something students can opt-in. There have been several informal studies about classes being taught though Blackboard. Some students felt that something like a social networking site should remain separate from work/school and that having course information pushed into their friend feed. With this app you have to click to see it.


If you’re interested in checking it out, the Facebook app link is here


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