Google Forms continues to amaze me

I have always been a huge fan of Google Forms. In a few clicks you can create a beautiful web form and have all of your data from that form in a nice sortable spreadsheet. It’s great if you want to do a survey, or a registration for an event, especially when you’re like me and not a database creator. I’m sure I’m late to the party but today I learned a great feature forms has… logic!So lets say you have a form you want to create a form that has multiple outcomes. For example you want to as a question to people in both english and spanish and you want them to choose english or spanish, then see the question. Google lets you do this very easily. First you can go into the “Add item” and select Page Break. This creates a new page in your form. Then when you create a multiple choice question, you are presented with the option of having their choice go to the new page your just created.

Earlier today while brainstorming how to do registrations for large class, individual, group and departmental training I came across this and now instead of having to make 4 separate forms I can just make one and have all of the info go right into a single spreadsheet! It’s an amazing time saver.

Now I can finally write that Choose Your Own Adventure novel!!!


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