Note to self: No more WaWa

So tonight I went to WaWa to pick up some donuts for my musical rehearsal. What followed might just be my fattest, most depressing moment ever.

So I walk into the WaWa right down the street from the high school where I am directing a show. It’s a super WaWa which means it’s: 1. Packed and 2. Has the added traffic of a gas station. I walk in quickly past the counter and head to the donut isle (yeah there’s a donut isle) and grab some boxes.

I get into line and as I am standing there I realize I recognize the guy behind the counter. I just can’t put my finger on where I know this guy from when it hits me like a bolt of lightning: This is the same counter guy from the Cherry Hill WaWa that I visited every Wednesday for about 10 years.

Don’t judge me!!! I went to that WaWa every night before my rehearsal for my church choir. If I had more time and a better place to go, I would have but I am lazy and weak.

OK so to top this semi-sad recognition the guy actually remembered me. I get up to the counter and he looks up and says “Hey I know you! You used to go to the Cherry Hill store. You ordered the same sub every day!” Quickly I muttered a quick “yes” and paid for my donuts and ran out as fast as I could.

Note to self: Stop eating so much Turkey.


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