Group Me is my new obsession

Ever since I was in college I have been obsessed with the concept of text and instant messaging. Being able to instantly get in touch with someone at a moments notice has become so important to me I send more texts that e-mails and phone calls combined. However there are drawbacks.

Instant messaging clients like Imo, or Meebo, or Skype can kill your battery on your phone, and without a good data signal it is useless. If I want to send out a message I want to guarantee that it gets through to the people I need. Enter Group Me. Group Me is a fairly new startup company that provides your phone with a simple to use and configure group text messaging system. Create a group you get a number, add numbers to the group and when you send a message to the group number it gets passed along to everyone on the list.

Group me is incredibly fun and simple to set up. You can quickly get a text group and be able to group communicate with people if they don’t have a data plan or even a smartphone. You can even call the group number and instantly initiate a conference phone call.

From an education stand point I can see some interesting potential. Creating a quick list for a class to get the word out about assignments, or even to start a discussion say during a film, where you want to talk but don’t want to interrupt.

If you get the chance I definitely recommend Group Me!


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