The Internet: If you’re not using and Diigo, you’re doing it wrong

So if you haven’t figured it out by now I spend an insane amount of time on the internet. Between work, gaming and my addiction to internet memes, I average about 12-13 hours browsing. If it werent for and Diigo that amount of time would easily double.

 is a really great URL shortener. A URL shortener takes a long link (such as a link to a Google Doc or a specific article on CNN) and makes it much shorter. The thing I really like about is that you can create an account and have the ability to customize links. For example if you have a Google Doc that you need to edit constantly you can create a link for it and customize it to be Once customized, you type that in any browser and you get your link. You also can get usage statistics when creating a custom link which will tell you how much a link is being used.




While has a situational use, Diigo is a tool you can use every day. Everyone has web pages they like to bookmark, news articles, or just funny stuff you want to keep handy. While your browser allows you to do this you have to manage (organize) them in a very manual way (folders and sorting). You also are limited to storing them on in that particular browser. If you use a different browser at home you have to export/import them which also can be a pain. Diigo allows you to circumvent that. You create a Diigo account and when you find a page you like you can save it to your account. You have the option to tag the bookmark with keywords you can remember and when you head to the Diigo site, you can search those keywords. Another really nice thing Diigo has is the ability to create groups. If you have a bunch of people you like to share things with you can create a group and share links. Diigo also has a great browser plugin so you can bookmark instantly with out having to navigate away from the page as well as several mobile apps for phone browsing.

If you spend any serious time browsing the internet or working online I definitely recommend these two tools!


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