So I fell off the Caffeine wagon this weekend…

First off this is a double post day (ZOMG).

I admit it. I am an addict.

I would hide them under my desk at work, in the car. At home there would be a pile of them in the fridge, there was always a steady supply of sweetener and half and half at all times in the apartment. My addiction was/is to caffeine. At least two cups of coffee, about 4 energy drinks and maybe 3 sodas would be about my average dosage of caffeine PER DAY! I was a serious user.

About a month ago I swore off caffeine and minus the 5 days I had a migraine and was generally angry 23 hours a day, I haven’t looked back. I feel more myself. I don’t feel that sudden undeniable urge to inhale a Red Bull or two, and frankly I don’t think I’ve ever lost weight this fast (1 month down 25 lbs and I am LAZY so exercise is a minimum there).

Then this weekend came. First off it was ¬†a LAN and if you’re going to be gaming about 65 hours in the span of three days you are going to need something to get a boost sooner or later. Secondly it was a belated birthday celebration. While I’m in the NP my friend Justin tells me he has two new energy drinks I need to try. They were called Cutting Edge.

At first I was hesitant. I mean I don’t want to go back to being a caffeine hound. Then he showed them to me:

Yeah that 44 oz. monster that is next to a water bottle for scale is a Cutting Edge. All 400 calories, all 2000% of your B vitamin requirements. Did I mention the flavor was Laser?? FREAKING LASER! I mean I had to drink it just to see what a laser actually tasted like (really good apparently BTW). So I broke down and drank the damn thing. My first sip entered my gullet and I actually felt the veins in my eyes open up. Suddenly I could see further, hear better and I didn’t feel so damn tired all the time! With in 10 minutes of drinking a third of it I couldn’t stop smiling and I felt like I had worked out holding weights on my hands and legs cause they suddenly seemed light and uncontrollable. I also don’t think I blinked for about 6 hours.

So yeah I fell off the wagon again. I’m back to water and the occasional Green Tea ( yeah it has some feine but not that much). There really is no point to this story other than that it was a really funny¬†experience.


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