If you could have dinner with one of the “Big Three” which one would you choose?

So the other day I was driving out to lunch with my manager John and we got on the subject of the “Big Three”. Yes I know Eric Schmidt is stepping down and Steve Jobs is on a medical leave of absence, but as far as I am concerned they are still the masters of their respected companies. In the end we came up with a question:

If you could go to dinner with one of the “Big Three” (Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, or Steve Ballmer) which one would you choose?


Please respond to the pool or leave a comment. I’d love to add everyone’s response to this post.

My Answer: Ballmer 

Yeah I am 100% sure that Jobs would provide me with a lot more stimulating conversation, and Schmidt could talk about the future of Google taking over the Earth, but I gotta say that Hands down Ballmer would be the most fun. I can just imagine him picking the restaraunt (Chilis’ or maybe the Texas Roadhouse). There would be no talk of  design or the internet, just how awesome ribs are and how cool it would be to have a phone made out of ribs. We’d probably even sneak in a prank call to Woz and Jobs over scotch and cigars (For the record I don’t use either).

But seriously, yeah Ballmer comes across like a frat guy from Revenge of the Nerds but MS has started to show some signs of compotency. Zune is a wonderful service, Windows 7 brought a lot of positives to the PC landscape, and you cannot argue with the success of the Kinect and Xbox 360. Sure compared to the other two he comes off like a bit of an ogre but honestly that’s what I like about him. He doesn’t pretend to wow you with his philosophical beliefs, nor his grand design, but I just enjoy his down to earth approach as a CEO. I look forward to more internet Memes and interesting products from him.



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One comment on “If you could have dinner with one of the “Big Three” which one would you choose?

  1. Steve Jobs, hands down. I would like him to be pre-cancer, cause I think it would be more fun. (Onohediint) He’s an innovator, an asshole, and an icon, all in one. He’d be crass, tell really dirty jokes, and reminisce about the early days with Woz for just a few minutes. I don’t like his walled garden view, but I think he’s a genius and likely a great dinner date. Jobs, all the way. Did I mention I’m a google fanboy, and can;t explain why I’d rather not visit Schmidt? I wonder if this hurts my chances with the CR-48?

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