Some trends to look our for in 2011

So instead of the typical talk about my 2011 resolution that no one cares about and I’ll probably break by the end of this week, I’m taking the time to type up some of the trends I’m very much looking forward to keeping an eye on in 2011

Microsoft: Has the sleeping giant woken up again?

I’ll admit I am a bit of a Microsoft fanboy but something tells me that MS has started to crawl out of its funk that has left them maligned in the phone industry.  Windows 7 was the first MS operating system to come out in a while that didn’t get beaten do death by everyone and it reminded me and a lot of other people that they still make a pretty damn good OS. WP7 was also a pretty well reviewed phone OS mostly due to how different it is from all of the others. I know it’s early but I still have faith in the sleeping giant.

What will the Kinect do this year?

Again trending on my Microsoft love I am really excited about the Kinect. Between the original potential for games, and all of those really nifty hacks that have already been done. I cannot wait to see what is is store for the Kinect this year. Will we see full on support in Windows 8? Will we be able to scan objects into a game? Will we finally get a non horrible Star Wars lightsaber game?

Is anyone else confused by Google?

I for one am semi excited for Chrome OS, though it seems much more like a giant bookmark/webpage repository rather than an actual OS, but these kinds of innovations are important for change. I’m still confused about the whole android tabled situation. They say 2.2 is not tablet ready yet we have the Galaxy Tab and a virtual army of working (albeit crappy) tablets. Maybe it’s just me but it seemed like last year they lost focus while trying to get involved in everything at once. Take Google TV… so it’s a search bar on my TV didn’t Web TV do this about 10 years ago?

Is there going to be a non horrible Android tablet?

My experience with the Galaxy Tab was lukewarm at best. So many of these tablets have no Google stamp of approval so you get no marketplace and have to side-load a lot of apps. If a tabled is supposed to be your one stop, simple/straightforward solution to computing why would I want to spend all of my time hacking it to get it to work. Perhaps the release of Honeycomb will address this and we will finally see some real competition to the iPad.

What insanity is Apple going to unleash?

While I’m not a particularly big Apple fan I do love a good controversy and they seem to be able to generate one at a moments notice. Even today I get to read all of these iPhone owners crying about alarms not going off in 2011. I cannot wait for an iPad2/Macbook Pro/Apple TV rumor to resurface.

Where are phones going in 2011?

Maybe I am alone in this but I want something new for a phone in 2011. How many of these elongated black glossy hockey pucks are we going to get. Icons and more icons, but we have apps!!! I am very much looking for something new.WP7 shows promise but they seem content in developing old apps for the new OS. Where is the transparent phone? Where is the dual LCD screen phone?

I am sure there will be more fun trends to follow in 2011 but these are my top picks. Here’s to seeing what happens!


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