So I got me a Zune for Xmas

It has been no secret that I am crazy jealous of my Girlfriends’ Zune that I got her for her Birthday this year. I would try to switch it when leaving for work. I would “borrow” it for hours when home alone. As I would sit there paying $100 to Apple for music downloads my tears would splash onto the keyboard while Jess pays $15 for all the music you could ever possibly want. I was jealous in every sense of the word. Now because my girlfriend loves me (and possibly just wants me to leave her Zune alone) I have finally got my own which she bought for me to spend countless hours downloading music onto.

But why is Zune better than an iPod?

Simply put: Zune Pass. Unlike iTunes, which charges per song and per album, Zune Pass is $15 for unlimited music. Even better each month you get 10 songs to keep forever. In essence you get $15 for one CD and all of the music you could ever listen to. And before you start QQ-ing about Zune not having the same amount of music as Itunes I would encourage you to look. I had to dig pretty deep to find a single that I couldn’t get from Zune (it was a specific piece by Arvo Part) and I was able to find everything else with no problem.

Anything else good?

Yeah Zune software is about 100 times better than Itunes. Perhaps it’s just my bias for Apple software, but I always have felt like Itunes was just clunky and archaic in a lot of aspects. Genius, sidebar, auto DJ? 2 out of those 3 I still have no idea what they do, and lets add in there Ping because hasn’t been around… Zune just takes the same UI as the player and puts it on your PC. So much simpler and straight forward.

Does the Ipod do anything better?

Yeah apps. Internet browsing is a wash to me because why am I going to complain about browsing something on a 5 inch screen. Apple has a huge market of apps that do a ton of things. Zune does not. The Ipod also has a camera which the Zune does not. But I would counter with this: Do you own a smartphone? Why do you need a media player to do things other than play media? Personally I have an iPad I have a Droid Incredible. I do not need a 3rd device to play Angry Birds. Zune does have some apps about 20 to put it in the ballpark. All of them are developed by Microsoft so at least you know you’re getting good build quality.

To sum it up the Zune is the best music player you can get. Period. Is it a great multi-platform device? No but again you have to ask why having apps on a 5 inch screen is so important. Personally the less I have to stare at the better.


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