Microsoft looking to TV subscription service for the 360?

I had been thinking that Microsoft has been too quiet during all of this Google/Apple TV hullabaloo.






Reuters is reporting that Microsoft is having meetings with various unknown media companies exploring the idea of adding TV channels to the XboX 360. Details are pretty slim, but apparently they are looking into adding a full package of channels, specific shows, and specific tiers of channels. Reuters’ source claims this is about a year out, but apparently they are moving forward.

I have to say this is a pretty smart move on MS behalf. Adding full-fledged TV to the 360 would certainly put a dent in the sales of Google and Apple TV devices. I mean why pay $199 and up for the same experience as the 360 you already own. Hopefully this will be incorporated into the cost of XboX Live fees so it will be a major win for the consumer. Of course there are more streaming systems than Google and Apple, but this is the first time these media giants have made a move to your living room and its no surprise that Microsoft, who already has million of devices in the living room.

Personally I am looking forward to seeing what this develops into. If I can get Showtime and HBO for like 5 bucks a month rather than 15-20 for the same from Cable I’d be very happy.

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