The iPad Part 2 (of 2): Apps worth getting

Outside of my usual barrage of “What does the iPad do?” questions I always get asked what apps are really worth spending money on? What apps are good for work/play? What apps do I need if I am going to use this thing? This post is dedicated to answering these questions! I will be constantly updating as I find new apps/get suggestions, so it is worth checking back!For the record these are in no particular order whatsoever. I should also point out that there about a billion apps I could list here but I am not. These are just the ” you really need them” apps I have come across

1 – Netflix (Free) – A must have if you have a Netflix account and own an iPad. Nothing is better than being able to catch up on episodes of the Office on my lunch break. You can stream any instant watch content to the iPad.

2.  Atomic Web Browser ($.99) – While Safari mobile is a pretty good web browser, certain things it does drives me crazy (the tab switching for example). Atomic is a great 2nd solution since it is so cheap and behaves very similarly to a browser experience like Firefox. You can also use its settings to disguise the browser to something other than a mobile web browser which is a nice feature when trying to access things that always try to redirect you to a mobile site.

3.  Good Reader ($.99) – A really great reader/annotator that lets you open and view a myriad of files (Office, PDF, HTML etc) on the iPad. It also supports URL reading as well as Server support (Gdocs, Dropbox).

4. Log me in: Ignition ($30.00) – I have always been a big fan of Log Me In. If you are bent on being able to run basically anything (without sound) on your iPad you are going to have to use some form of Remote Desktop and LMI is a wonderful solution. Yes it is crazy expensive when it comes to apps, but trust me when I say it is worth if if you need to access multiple computers on your iPad.

5.  Quick Office HD ($9.99) – One of my early frustrations with the iPad was how I could never find a good document editor that supported Google Docs. Simply editing a Gdoc and saving it in the cloud seemed like a daunting task early on. Quick Office is a great answer to this question. You get the ability to edit docs, spreadsheets, and presentations. You also get Dropbox, mobile me and about 5 other could storage solutions (support wise) with the app. Definitely a must have if you are going to do any typing on your iPad.

6. Kindle for iPad (Free) – The fiance has had a Kindle for a while now, but I have on occasion put books on it to read. Now I can read them on my iPad for free! While Apple already loads their own book reader I still prefer Kindle because their prices seem a bit cheaper for books.

7. Pandora Radio (Free) – Who doesn’t like free music? The number 1 use of my iPad has been to sit next to my workstation and run Pandora. Fantastic app.

8. Twitteriffic (Free) – I am still searching for the ultimate Facebook app, but for Twitter I have found my answer. Simple, uncluttered (though add supported) and easy to set up make this my personal favorite Twitter app.

9. The Weather Channel (Free) – I will admit my Android phone is my usual sourse of weather related issues, the iPad does have a pretty impressive Weather Channel App with live location based updates.

10. IM Plus ($9.99) – Yes this is $10 bucks for an Instant Messaging Client, but to me being able to have all of the staple IM clients (Skype, Facebook, AIM) in an all in one is worth the money.

11. 2Screens ($4.99) – Many of the teachers I work with have one major complaint about the iPad: it doesn’t project everything. 2Screens is a $5 solution. It creates a Shell that will project anything you do while running 2Screens. It will let you browser the web, open .PDF files, and any kind of presentation file. If you are bent on being able to project documents, this is a must get.


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