JayCut: Finally a movie editor we can all enjoy

One of the many aspects of my job(s) lately has been video editing. I am not a professional video editor by any stretch of the imagination so software like Final Cut and Adobe Premiere are just too much for me to get into (not to mention the prices). I usually want something quick and simple: split, add some transitions and some audio and export. I am also constantly bombarded with student questions about how to edit movies easily on a PC (we don’t have iMovie). While Windows 7 has finally given us a decent option, there are still some things lacking in its editing ability. After some digging around the internet I think I may have an answer.JayCut is an online video editing suite that is rapidly becoming my go to option for quick basic video editing. Registration for the site is free and not only does it give you access, it also gives you online storage. JC allows importing of media files of all types (the only one I didn’t try out was importing a .FLV file but all of the other standards work) as well as web cam support so if you need to shoot something yourself you can go right ahead.

Editing wise it is pretty straight forward. They give you a selection of text effects and transitions. This is where my only complaint comes in, the way you layer in transitions does take some trial and error since you must have both clips overlap in the timeline. Again not something that necessarily needs fixing, just something that takes getting used to. JC supports voice overs, and green screen as well so while I’m not into that JC has a bit more teeth when it comes to online video editing than your usual editor.

Another nice feature is the multitude of ways to save your final project. You can export to your computer or mobile device in a variety of ways as well as straight to YouTube. Overall my only complaint is that currently to preview your movie you have to start it from the beginning. If you have a longer movie in progress and you have to check a transition at minute 28 you are going to be sitting for a while watching your video.

All in all I 1000000% recommend this if you are looking for a simple easy to use video editor with little learning required. Below are a couple of screen shots to give you an idea of what it looks like.


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