Friday Night Lights: Finally regular T.V. worth watching

For a long time I have been searching for that one T.V. drama that would manage to captivate me for more than one season. Most of my attempts last for about 1-2 seasons (I”m looking at you Grey’s Anatomy) then I am left angry and filled with questions of “Why did they kill that character in that way!?!” It seems i might have finally found what I was questing for.

Friday Night Lights is a show currently entering into its 5th and final season. It is being shown on both ABC family and NBC. I managed to pick up watching the first few seasons via Netflix and Hulu. It chronicles the lives of a Texas High School football Coach and his family, as well as several of the football players on his teams. What starts off feeling like nothing more than a Seventh Heaven whiney teen drama, Friday Night Lights really grabs the audience with its fantastic writing and acting. Very early on you find yourself rooting for the team as they quest for the ever elusive State high school football championship. The unique blend of drama and sport really lends a sense of association with the characters and before you know you’re screaming along with the crowd at one of their football games.

The one major thing that makes Friday Night Lights stand out in my mind, is they they are simply amazing at winding down the stories of the characters. By the 4th season they have practically eliminated 90% of the original cast and it is done in a way that you don’t get upset they are not there anymore. You are left with a sense of closure and finality that is often missed by television writers. By the time the character is ready to leave, you have made your peace with that character leaving and are starting to look forward to the development of the new members of the show.

Even with the well known fact that this is the final season of the show I am simply looking forward to how they will end the show. I strongly recommend giving it a watch (especially since it is on Netflix).


2 comments on “Friday Night Lights: Finally regular T.V. worth watching

  1. Fantastic show! The first season was absolutely perfect, definitely one of the best seasons of any show I’ve ever seen. The beginning of the second, by contrast, was god-awful. Seriously, it was probably the most contrived writing of anything I’ve seen in years (that opening scene at the pool made my double check that I was still watching Friday Night Lights at the degree to which it was horrible). Thankfully, it recovered, and the third season was just as fantastic as the first, if possibly not as layered. I’m about to start the 4th, though am disappointed to find that Netflix doesn’t have it, or no longer has it, streaming.

    • Yeah I can see how season 2 started to lean the show towards some hackey writing. The whole murder plot is something I conveniently forget happened. But no one can deny when Matt got put back in at QB it was some seriously exciting TV.

      I managed to grab Season 4 off of iTunes with a Gift Card. That season finale was simply EPIC.

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