The Battle of the Bulge: beginning… again

So over the weekend my fiance Jess and I picked a spot and a date for the wedding (finally). Immediately following this, I started selling everything I own online in order to pay for this insanity. It also started a wake up call. I have to get back in shape.

Ever since I left high school I have struggled with my own weight. Having a sedentary lifestyle, not eating healthy, and generally being lazy have left me less than optimal in the weight department. It is not something I am proud of, but it is not something I hide either. I enjoy food, I eat too much and my addiction to video games has left me overweight. But I guess that is gonna change now.

This mini series will not track my weight gain and loss. Rather, I figure I will chronicle my adventures and tips I come across along the way. Today I began my 3 day a week 5 AM run around my apartment lot. Yes 5 AM if crazy early, but I do better in the morning because I am not awake enough to play video games.

One thing I am employing in my fight this time is my handy Droid Incredible.  There are a ton of fitness applications out there for phones and I think having an electronic planner/helper might give me a little motivation. Run Keeper is a free Android app (it’s also available for the iPhone) that lets you track running/workout progress via GPS, and upload it to a website where you can keep track, use the data to plan and even (if you are brave enough) share with friends. I have just started using this program so I am still very new to it, but so far I have to say I am impressed and if felt genuinely good to see my first run up there with distance and calories burned.

If anyone has any (legit) workout tips I am more than happy to try them out.

Lifehacker also had a nice brief summary of the 5 best phone fitness apps out there.


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