Pandora Gaming Console: Linux gaming 4 lyfe!!!

No Pandora Radio has not suddenly jumped into the gaming industry. Meet Pandora a portable Linux based gaming console. This console (which has been an internet legend since 2003), runs on an Angstrom version of Linux. This means that it can also function like a PDA or even a low powered Linux laptop. And the thing comes loaded. 3 joysticks (one d-pad 2 analong), full keyboard (with F kays) two SD slots, VGA out… it has it all (it also sports a supposedly 10 hour battery life).
I don’t think it will win any beauty contests, but I have to say I am genuinely intrigued. The only problem now is that the production is so slow! Even now they have about 4000 units in production but you cannot find them anywhere in the US. If anyone has a pipeline to one of these please tell me I would love to get my hands on one. Considering this could be a cheap laptop it would be an interesting addition to the classroom.

Here is a (somewhat bad) unboxing video:


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