My day with a Macbook Pro

So today at work I was debating about bringing back my ancient Dell e1505 laptop to work. My level of frustration with the iPad and productivity had reached its boiling point. My adorable little netbook (Dell Mini 9) is nice, but since it was a first gen the video playback sucks. Yes I should be working and not watching videos but the thought of having to do that would drive me up a wall, and while my desk Mac Pro is very nice I kinda wanted some portability. Fortunately my manager John offered to let me use one of the MacBook Pro laptops we keep for training (probably just to shut me up).

Now I have used Mac computers before, but I have always resisted the idea of a MAC. I mean, I can get a laptop with the same specs for less price, but that does not really factor in the quality. I already have a mega gaming rig at home (i5 6gb of RAM, ATI 5850 with a slot for a second) so a Macbook like this one would be just for internet, and typing.

And I cannot argue with the quality. This is an older MacBook Pro (running 10.4.11 right now) and it makes my Dell feel cheap and haggard by comparison. Sure the MacBook would land me in the land of Apple adapter hell, and I still am not a huge fan of OSX (remember I am a gamer) but hey this is nice to type on.

So can it be!?! Am I really saying I would use a MacBook and actually enjoy it?!?! Could I actually be changing my mind about Apple!?!?! The answer is yes and still a no. Am I loving the typing experience and build quality of this MBP, absolutely. Am I dying to put Win7 on here… you bet (Ballmer FTW). Do I still hate a lot of their “Walled Garden” approach to, well basically everything? 100%. If I had the money would I buy one of these? Maybe..

I am not sure how I feel about this. I am sure a lot of my friends who will read this will jump all over me about “Dude you said you hate Macs, First an iPad and now this!?!, and hey maybe I deserve it, but I guess things change and my perspective is shifting from hating everything Apple, to a feeling of “love the products, hate the company.” In the meantime I have begun tweaking, started anxiously awaiting the update to 10.6 that we are waiting for and overall thinking about a Xmas MBP purchase…

2 comments on “My day with a Macbook Pro

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  2. OK I will do my best to interpret the leet speak. First off I never said that Mac does not make a good product. Their design is very good. My hate came from the fact that their internal hardware is insanely overpriced. How can you argue a 13 inch laptop with a core 2 duo and 4 Gb of ram cost over $1200 and say that is a fair price? My desktop gaming rig (i5, 6Gb of ram, water cooled, 2 1Gb Ati Video cards, cost LESS than that, and that is where my revulsion for Mac came from.

    And so what if I change my mind. God forbid my opinion actually becomes informed through use. Is the MBP impressive? Yeah. Do I enjoy using it? Yeah, am I going to fork over 1200 bucks for a laptop… doubtful, but at least I’m willing to at least try to consider and challenge my opinion 🙂

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