NZXT Phantom case: Finally a case for the older gamer

I’ll admit that when I am putting together a computer for my own uses the case matters. I will admit that I put some stock in making sure my creation looks both professional and interesting. A lot of cases on the market do not do that. While I am sure there is still a market for gaming cases with cut outs, lights and flames on the side of the case, I think I am at that age where I would prefer something simple and beautiful.

NZXT recently premiered the Phantom case, and I think it is one of the most amazing designs I have seen in a long time. Not only does this have looks on its side, it also boosts tool free installations, spring locking screws and a really nice cable management system.

At $139 this is a great caseform for the home builder with a taste for design. I also recommend the Tuniq 3. This is the case I am currently using. While it does have a cutout on one side it still has that professional design aesthetic with brushed metal.

Here is a video of the case:


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