In my ears: Angels and Airwaves

Since summer began I have slowly become obsessed with Angels and Airwaves (AVA). AVA is a newer side project of Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge and features a heavily effect-driven style of pop punk that is very addicting.

The thing that attracts me most to AVA is the musical style. It presents itself in almost a sophomoric manner but has more depth than expected. It is almost like a more mature pop punk which is a breath of fresh air when compared to the “standard issue” pop punk bands out there today. Through all three albums you are presented with themes of love, of hope and a sense of self-improvement which makes it a great summertime listen. DeLonge really touches on a sense of wonderment and youth with his signature pinched voice. While I wouldn’t say it is the most beautiful instrument in the world there is an honesty in his voice that is quite appealing ( and easy to sing along to). All three albums put forth a wonderfully addicting feeling of light and luminescence throughout the abundance of echo effects on the instruments. While the lyrics sometime go towards the deep, the supporting music restrains it from becoming think music. Again instead of thinking through the music, you simply, experience it leaving you with a sense of hope and of happiness. With so many bands simply following the “rock formulas” or just trying to garner any kind of reaction, it is nice to see musical aesthetics still alive and well.

Out of the three albums AVA has out I recommend I-Empire above the other two. The song Everything’s Magic really sums up the albums message and feel. Listening to the album gives you the feeling of weightlessness and floating that you begin to crave after a while. By the end of the album you are left with a desire to better yourself, to do more for others, to aid your fellow man. This is such a drastic departure from the “buy more” message rampant in pop music today.

Another reason I really like AVA is because their 3rd album, Love was released 100% free. Rather than a publicity stunt I believe this was done because they just love the music. I think after you listen, you will love it too.


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