Starcraft 2 Review: It’s about time

Finally the drought is over!!!! There is a summer game worth mentioning and playing! Hallelujah!!!

Whew that felt good. Anyway, if you have been living under a rock the past few days and missed it Starcraft 2 has finally been released ending a 12 year wait for the much anticipated sequel. Frankly, it was well worth the wait. I have only played through about 5 missions or so, but the game is simply incredible.

You begin the game a few years after the events of the last SC expansion brood war. Perigean is still half Zerg, Raynor is still fighting Megnsk (who controls everything) and the Protoss, well I haven’t gotten there yet. For new players to the game title, Blizzard provides a nice background story to explain where you are at this point, and for experienced players it drops you back into the action like you never stopped playing.

Gameplay wise there is not a whole lot to report. It is a RTS so thats what it plays like. You gather materials, build stuff, deploy troops fight. It’s a simple formula that leads to a ton of exciting and challenging gameplay.

The first thing you notice when you begin playing is, while this game took a long time to develop it shows in the finished product. The game has a level of polish you normally do not see in most games and from a graphics perspective, it is simply beautiful. While I admit I do not play a lot of games for the graphics (cough cough WoW), I found myself remarking at how stunning the cinematic and game design came across. You can really see that Blizzard took the time to make this game right, and I greatly appreciate it.

Another great thing Blizzard pulls off is a great balance between immersion and humor. As soon as the game starts you are right back there with Jim Raynor as he struggles with not only the Zerg and the oppressive human government, but his own inner demons at losing Kerrigan. While that is going on you still get some of those much needed moments of levity. My personal favorite is the billboards for the “iCruiser” and some of the WoW references in the news feed.

I guess my only complaint, and this is minor, is the game is only1/3 of Starcraft 2. Which seems to indicate the game will cost $180 total ( assuming the next two chapters are the same price). But again if we are talking quality of work, then it is fairly reasonable.

All in all I am telling you it is a great game. Go buy it and check it out!!!


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