What’s goin on this weekend

Well the weekend is finally here and I have to say I am loking forward to it.I know last week I was in Florida, but hey that was kinda work :-). Anyway I wanted to take a second and adversize for my  younger cousin. If you don’t know he owns his own arcade/internet cafe/LAN center called NP (Nerd Palace) Video Gaming. This weekend he is hosting a MASSIVE SSF4 tournament for all to come. I will be there blogging away and, just to be a nuisance, play some WoW. If you are a SSF4 player I definitely recommend you go check it out. Here’s the webpage for the tournament and the NP video game site:


And no, I am not dragging Jess to the NP she will be at a Bachelorette party for a very good friend of hers (I’m not that mean). Sunday may mean meeting some family in Princeton for breakfast but I have no idea where to go or what to do about that. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


One comment on “What’s goin on this weekend

  1. I say that the best breakfast is in the open, over an open fire. So, gather some twigs, and some eggs and maybe, I don’t know, some aluminum foil (?) and show Princeton how it’s done. Better yet, set your fire right on the sidewalk in the line for PJ’s. You might make your money back selling eggs to the impatient masses. 🙂

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