The infamous Xbox 360 HDMI/Optical Audio Mod

Please do not give me credit for this 360 mod. It has been around the internet for quite a long time. For a while I used to be able to find a blog with a post on how to do it but it has disappeared. I think it’s worth a re-post.So if you are like me you own an older Xbox 360, and the back of your Xbox looks like this:

You have your network port, your very nice HDMI out and that crazy Microsoft humungoid A/V out connector. Now I loves me some HDMI out, but I also happen to own a Yamaha YHT-270SL Home Theater System I inherited from a friend of mine who was moving (thanks again Kazumi!).  The YHT has some very nice features for a smaller Home Theater system and one of them is Optical Audio. So my goal was to use HDMI out for video and Optical audio out to connect to my 5.1 system (so I can scare my neighbors half to death when playing Halo 3 and GoW2). Unfortunately the housing of the A/V connector (which houses the Optical out) is too big to plug in alongside the HDMI. At first I thought I was out of luck. Then I found out you can simply remove the A/V adapter’s housing and everything will fit snug as a rug! As I said unfortunately, the website that has that info on it has disappeared, but on the positive side I was able to track an animated .gif image of how to do this:

As you can see, if you take a small screwdriver and work it along the seam you can eventually pry the housing off. I would very much recommend you try this without holding the A/V adapter in your hand (use a pair of grips, or a clamp to hold it down). Let’s not go stabbing ourselves, because if you’re stabbed in the hand you can’t game and this has all been for naught. Anyway, once you have it pried open everything will have enough room to plug in with no problem. If you still have issues, you can also repeat this on the housing of the HDMI cable, but it’s smaller and, depending on the brand of HDMI you have, may be better sealed.

As for the remaining medusa’s head of cables hanging off of the back of the A/V adapter, I just left them coiled up on the floor. You can cut them off if you’re an aesthetic nut or you just hate the idea of cables all over, but hey you never know when you are going to a LAN and need component. I will also add that if you do this the exposed part of the A/V cable is not a bit more fragile. Try to keep the cable you are using as straight as possible. We don’t want to have to do this again!

And there you have it! HDMI and Optical Audio out at the same time on an Xbox360. Who says miracles can’t happen!

5 comments on “The infamous Xbox 360 HDMI/Optical Audio Mod

  1. lol just buy a cable w/optical out thats what i did 500000000000000000000000 times easier but kudos for a diy er

    • I disagree with you on what is easier. First you’re driving to a store, and spending your money on something you already have the ability to do on your own. I bet the time spent prying open the plastic wrap on the cable will take almost an equal amount of time for you to strip the casing on the xbox cable which you already have.

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