Netflix vs. Zune on the 360

I’ll admit that lately I have been watching a lot of movies on my Xbox. It is starting to become my main media machine rather than a gaming platform (at least until Mafia 2 comes out).  Recently I started checking out Zune’s list of movies and shows. Now I am torn between the two.

Why Netflix Rules:

Don’t get me wrong I am still madly in love with Netflix. NF provides you with a metric ton of streamable content, some of which is streamed in High Def. Jess (the fiance for those of you following along) catches up on lots of T.V. shows that we miss via Netflix, and as an avid fan of horror movies, the insta-watch selection is impressive. While I’m not going to say it is free (you still need a subscription) it is very cheap and offers you a lot of options for watching shows. Moreover the watch in Party is fun if you have a bunch of people who are far away (like Hawaii for example) and love to watch/make fun of movies.

Why Netflix Sucks:

First if you are not a fan of older, more obscure films you might find the selection of movies to be a bit thin. A lot of newer titles take forever to get to the streaming format and that can be a pain. Just yesterday I had a real hankering to watch the first Terminator film… not there. What about Robocop (yes it was apparently 80s day yesterday)… nope. Sometimes it is very frustrating to see films that have been around for a long time not streamed. While some titles are streamed in HD none of them offer any thing other than 2.0 sound which also is kind of a bummer. The worst of all is the DVDs you get via the mail. It is truly rare when you get a disc that is not scratched to death or smudged up enough to require cleaning. Yes I am a baby and I don’t want to clean my disc every single time I want to watch it (if the disc is cleanable, most of the time it looks like it got into a knifefight and lost…badly). Even last night while trying to watch Legion I had to restart the movie twice cause of scratches. While it is not a direct relation to insta-watch, it is still a frustrating experience.

Why Zune Rules:

First off almost all of their films are in HD and are delivered with 5.1 sound support. Since they are a pay as you download site you also get a crack at newer films. Just last week I had a few friends over and we tried streaming Book of Eli and I was thoroughly impressed, no lag whatsoever. Unlike Netflix you also get next day shows. If you’re like me your DV-R is in overdrive and eventually you will miss a show. Zune offers a reprieve from waiting months for it to appear on Netflix. While I found Zune not to have as full of a library as Netflix, I found a lot less crap on Zune. Even as a horror film fan I cannot stand anything by Troma pictures (If you do then Netflix has you covered) their films are just straight garbage. You don’t see that as much on Zune.

Why Zune Sucks:

Well because you have to pay for everything. Moreover it uses Microsoft Points which is annoying as hell to figure out. Oh renting is only 120 points… what is that in dollars. Now I have to put more on my account. UGH! They also have separate charging for HD and standard def watching which also annoys me. I am already buying something… please stop adding more to the charge cause I have a good T.V. Rental charges are fairly cheap (its around $4), but again you are only renting. Want to watch it again? $4. At least with Netflix I can watch their insta-watch films an infinite number of times.

Who wins in the end? I don’t know. Both are pretty cool services. Personally if it’s a movie I really want to watch I will Zune it over Netflix, but Netflix is my workhorse for show/movie watching. What do you think?

One comment on “Netflix vs. Zune on the 360

  1. Spot on with this write-up, I actually believe that this amazing site needs a great deal more attention.
    I’ll probably be back again to see more, thanks for the advice!

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