Movie Review: Predators

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Over the weekend I figured I would unwind and watch a nice Summer Action flick. I choose Predators because, well why not! Predators kicks ass! If you are a predators fan you will not be dissappointed.

Predators does not waste time with a lot of plot, or even explanation. You are quite literally thrust into the middle of the action, and right from the start you are bathed in beautiful lovely violence. Robert Rodriguez does not stray far from what makes him, in my opinion, a great director. There is no in-depth psycho-drama here just a few moments of levity that allow you to start to move towards knowing the characters, but not enough to make you feel like they are guaranteed to survive. Are there predictable parts? Yes. Is there a lot of gratuitous violence? Yes. Are there some lines that literally drip cheese? Yes. Did everyone in the theater yell “Morpheus!!!” when Lawrence Fishburne takes his helmet off? Yes. Does this make the movie kick even more ass? YES!

At first I kinda was afraid casting Adrien Brody as the main character. He is admittedly not the first person you think of when you think action movie, but he is surprisingly good at coming off as a tough guy. His presence in the film is one that exudes confidence which makes up for some of the size issues (though I read somewhere he added like 50 pounds for this movie). Add to that some good support cast such as the quirky Topher Grace (who also confused me at first) Walton Goggins, Alica Braga, Oleg Taktarov, and the immortal Danny Trejo and you get quite a well-rounded group. It reminded me a little of the first Predators movie, but without all the body builder types, just good actors. And Lawrence Fishburne’s cameo does not ruin the movie.  I won’t give it away, but he does not play a Morpheous character at all and you will be a little surprised how that pans out.

While I was sad there was no “GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!” line in the movie, Predators does pay homage to the original with some mentions and similar lines. I didn’t catch any reference to the Danny Glover Predators 2 sequel which was kind disappointing, but when its a reboot you get to pick and choose your areas to accept and not. I was really really happy with the way the film treated the predators themselves. There are a few additions to the Predator arsenal (won’t give it away) that when you first see it will make you as wide-eyed as when you saw the Predator in the first film. They also have a cheap but great way of explaining why these Predators look different from the originals.

The Bottom Line

All in all this was a great summer flick. I don’t think there are any Oscars a comin’ but if you want a really great non thinking movie to spend an afternoon or evening with you cannot go wrong.

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