2010 Summer of Games: Is anyone else bored?

Perhaps it is my advanced age here but usually I remember a lot more excitement when it came to new games during the summer. Outside of one maybe bright spot I am incredible bored.

I admit it, I am a video game addict. I own one of everything. My cousin owns his own video game store/LAN center. I spend all day drifting in and out of thoughts of games, and I don’t care if you don’t like it. Yeah I play WoW, I scream over the internet at 14 year olds when I play H3… I am that guy so what. Amway, usually the summer is a great time for gaming you get a ton of new and exciting releases , and some extra time to play them (not like when I was teaching but still). For some reason though this summer seems pretty lackluster for game releases.

There was Crackdown 2 which is a sandbox 3rd person shooter. This one added the ability to co-op with 3 people, and literally nothing else. It’s even the same map. While I kinda dug Crackdown 1, the sequel does not seem money worthy.

Then we got the big dog OMG OMG Starcraft 2 is finally going to be released. Yes I am excited for this, but at the same time having to pay for each campaign individually is kinda crappy. This one does have me pretty pumped to try out, but again not something I must get the day it comes out. Blizzard is usually very good with game titles so I highly doubt I will be disappointed, I just fear how much I want to invent in a RTS

Then there was Singularity, which is like Time Cop as a FPS. Again kinda neat concept when you can bend time and age things (or reverse age. I can’t come with a word that describes reverse aging). But it’s another FPS in a nutshell.

Am I missing games? Help me out. My boredom must be sated! Please stop me from playing WoW!!!!


2 comments on “2010 Summer of Games: Is anyone else bored?


    Yeah… not much going on this summer, huh? Last year we had Batman: Arkham Asylum… well I guess this year we have Red Dead Redemption.

    Also, now that I think of it, there were games on my “to buy” list that were rumoured to come out earlier in the summer, but got pushed back, and back until late fall. I had the anticipation of the game, but not the game.

    Deathspank? no?


    • I definitely hear you on the WoW part. I spend way too much time on that game.

      I forgot to add Mafia 2 to the list of up and coming titles I am happy about, but it’s taking forever to get to the release date.

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