Movie Reviews and how I rate them

OK so being the perpetual nerd that I am, I watch a lot of movies. Maybe not all of the most popular ones but a lot of them none the less. On occasion I will put up a review for your reading pleasure. I will do my best not to put up any spoilers, and I also put together a really simple grading system. This grading system is not telling you where you should watch it (ie. certain movies look better in the theater), rather it’s based on a what would I do scale.

  • “Rather be blinded” – This is the worst of the worst. I would rather watch ANYTHING other than this.
  • “Only if the fiance makes me”: – One of those movies that you will hate but the significant other may like. This means you may be bored but it will at least get you some relationship points.
  • “Insta-Watch Que” – This movie is one that you would do best adding it to your Netflix Watch Instantly que. A movie you can wait a while on.
  • “Rental” Worth – This movie is worth sacrificing one of your precious Que DVD slots for.
  • “Watch in the theater” – Self explanitory. It’s worth paying the 10-15 bucks for. A very good film and worth the arm and leg prices of theaters.
  • “Watch in the theater and buy the DVD” – This movie is absolutely great. It is worth owning a copy because it is so watchable
  • “Worth stealing if you don’t have the money”- A must have if you enjoy movies.

Yes it more annoying than a 10 point system, but it’s my blog and well, I don’t give a crap


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