Movie Review: Hot Tub Time Machine

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During my wild adventures in the wilds of Florida. I had the chance to sit  down on my iPad and watch Hot Time Machine. Simply put I was pleasantly surprised. In this review I will do my best to avoid spoilers. My goal is to inform your decision on watching it, not make it so you don’t want to.

Yeah, Hot Tub Time Machine (HTTM)… at first glance I thought this was another one of those Beverly Hills Chihuahua types that would be like getting an ice cream headache for about 90 minutes. But when faced with a two hour plane ride, I figure it can’t be as bad as listening to the person next to me snore.

Overall this movie was straight up HILARIOUS. There I said it I like a movie called Hot Tub Time Machine. Despite the face that the story, plot, and the majority of the fim make no sense it accomplished what it set out to do, be unthinking, unapologetic, and above all fun to watch. The main cast consisting of John Cusack, Clark Duke, Craig Robinson, and Rob Corddry create a real interesting mix of comedy and some damn good acting. You find yourself almost instantly relating to each character and their mid-shortcomings that prompt the adventure in the first place. By the time the film rumbles to the turning point you cannot help but root for this ragtag bunch to succeed. The supporting cast highlighted by Chevy Chase, and Crispin Glover really add to the hilarity and take the film a little further away from dismissive crap fest and towards something a little more significant. I challenge you to watching this 90 minute film and not laugh at least 3 times.

Is the film predictable? Yes. Does the film sometimes aim for a cheap laugh or a shock moment? Yes. Is the movie going to change your socio-political perception of the world as you know it? No. It is worth watching? Definitely.

The bottom line:

A great summer movie.



2 comments on “Movie Review: Hot Tub Time Machine

  1. I’ll admit, I have been leery about watching this too. But now I have to give it a shot. A movie with John Cusack that I am SUPPOSED to laugh at? Alright! And I count the appearance of Chevy Chase to be an astronomical bonus.

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