Blackboard World Keynote Liveblog!

Welcome to my first attempt at a live blog. This is the 1:45 PM keynote address by the CEOs of Blackboard. This will be an all text liveblog since I haven’t really mastered the art of taking pics uploading and typing at the same time. Enjoy!

  • 1:45 PM and here we are at the keynote address by BB CEOs. we get into the GIANT conference room and are greeted with Michael Jacksons Dont stop till you get enough. Considering Bb just bought out Wimba and Illuminate it is quite the telling choice.

The Techno song selection of the just seems really out of place. It’s like a middle school dance everyone is here but there is no need or desire to dance.

  • 1:49 PM Four minutes into the doors opening and the bass continues to bore into my head… This pace is packed to the gill with people!
  • 1:50 PM Rad dance music continues with Gwen stefani. Me thinks the people forgot music and just asked the AV guy for the prom mix CDs from this year.
  • 1:56 PM “join the conversation” the slogan I keep seeing
  • 1:56 PM Michael Chasen welcomes us and the music is thankfully stopped
  • 1:59 this is the largest conference ever
  • 2:00 PM He starts with quoting From Good to Great
  • 2:00 PM We want to move from good to great but can we?
  • 2:00 PM We have to strive to be better because technology and education is evolving. We need to evolve too
  • 2:02 PM Flow of the address beginning the conversation, rays report card, the road ahead
  • 2:03 PM Now we get a neat history lesson
  • 2:05 PM We see they bought wimba and illuminate to create a new product line called Blackboard collaborate

” we want to provide quail of service piecemeal and as a partner”

Fcps (fairfax county public schools) is the most searched item in the area. It tells us a lot of people are using it and no one bookmarks anything.
I think it means you can easily skew google search data.

  • 2:09 PM Bb world is about sharing these success stories… I thought it was about collecting pins! Precious pins!!

Now we are going to hear from Ray… But first a behind the scenes video from Bb

  • 2:11 PM It’s a funny video about how Ray turned the company into an elementary school… rad.
  • 2:12 PM  And now Ray Henderson. We start with a quote from John Wooden ” Its the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen”

1. We need client support
2. Transparency
3. Openness
4. Quality

These were the four points he is focusing on

Support 10 percent satisfaction improvement
ANGEL client satisfaction improvement 4 percent
Transparency ( the word of the month!!!!!!!)

Its all about being up front about changes and updates
Openness breeds standards

  • 2:21 PM Common cartridge LTI will ship byy the end of the year garanteed
  • 2:23 PM Openness is an open db where data can now be shared but within limitations
  • 2:24 PM  Quality now that Bb bought ANGEL they now have 3x the resources
  • 2:25 PM We now have service packs every 60 to 90 days
  • 2:27 PM The extra credit: We bought Wimba and Elluminate to reform into Bb collaborate. Ray is a sponsor not totally in charge but helping. We decided to do this based on 3 trends. 1 distance learning is increasing. 2 the impact of social media 3 our desire to lead
  • 2:31 PM Grades are up client support is improved transparency improved openness improved +, quality improved

800 institutions are live in 9 NG now
Don’t measure yourself by what you’ve accomplished,but what you accomplished beyond your ability.

thanks Ray… in the future please stop clearing your throat into the mic it makes very creepy sounds
And another super video
Acting fails to modest applause

  • 2:35 PM Michael is back to show us the road ahead

The road ahead
Social learning
Product influence webCT and ANGEL
Learning content integration

  • 2:38 PM Social learning is invading Bb we now can tweet and Fb content… How is that copyright OK?
  • 2:41 PM  WOW they STOLE iTunes UI blatantly!! You browse courses exactly like the album browser in iTunes
  • 2:42 PM We get themes through CSS now… Neat
  • 2:43 PM  They partnered with McGraw hill for textbook search and online content inside your course.Its pay but quick and easy it’s a nice way to get people to buy more textbooks faster.
  • 2:45 PM Collaborate directly with content link straight into eluminate and Wimba.
  • 2:47 PM You now can see who is online in real time by your course. Now yo can bug students 24 hours a day!

It’s finally a use for Wimba Pronto

  • 2:50 PM Now we get some bb mobile news

Its demoed on an EVO at least we know it will be able to make calls if needed.
And we switch to an iPhone… NO RECEPTION HAHAHAHAHA

  • 2:50 PM Another akward video showing bb mobile on the ipad
  • 2:58 PM Annnnnnnnd another video

Seriously why are we laughing??

  • 2:59 PM And we end with another rousing tweener rock set.

Well there you have it! I hope you enjoyed the liveblog read. My apologies for any spelling errors, but hey I’m typing it on an iPad cut me a break!

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