Blackboard World Day Three: Highs and Lows

My journey continues in the third day of the conference

  • 10:00 PM got a late start this morning. Breakfast was better this time which is cool. Not a lot of interesting seminars today so I think I will just walk the show floor.
  • 11:15 PM Ran through the vendors… Not a whole lot to crow about.
  • 12:12 PM Sitting here on the side of a booth with John blogging away. Not going to lie I am kinda burnt out from the conference. All of the vendors seem to be selling the same products over and over. I mean there are 5 lecture capture vendors I can see from here selling essentially the same product. It’s kind of odd to say but it is like none of the people really care about you. The product seems to be all that matters.even when going to a booth of a vendor we use at the school it was a lot of OHHH just wait to see how awesome our new stuff is going to be. Why not work out the problems with what you have?
  • 4:30 PM headed back to the hotel for a quick nap. For some reason I just want to lay here on my couch until our flight back to Philly. I am not sure if it’s homesickness or if it is missing my fiance a lot.
  • 6:00 PM- 3:00 AM  To be honest this post is being written at around 3 AM after quite a long night. I will give you the cliffs notes version:
    • House of Beers for the night:
      • Lots of choices throughout the evening. I stuck mostly to the Framboise which is a beer heavily infused with raspberries. It is a wonderful light sweet and sour drink
      • Spent a few hours hanging with a guy named Ray. He’s an airplane mechanic and a huge Jets fan. Quite an interesting guy.
      • Hung out with a few more locals sharing some drinks and laughs. Out in front of the House of Beer is a speed bump which on occasion causes quite some enjoyable sparks when cars miss them and bottom out. It’s quite a spectator sport for patrons to watch.
    • More Taxi woes
      • We ended up hanging out at the house a little too late.  After paying for a round trip ride, our phone call was met with “We don’t come out that late” which sucked since we already paid for it. Fortunately we were able to find another cab for a 1 AM pickup.
      • To kill the rest of the time at Stoogies, a really nice Cigar bar. Nice place to chill
    • Finally back to the Hotel. For the first time we had a normal cab driver. Still can’t sleep so I spend the next two hours watching TV. Been a very good night.

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