Blackboard World Day Two: Crazy Taxi

Day two is underway!

  • 9:14 AM grabbed breakfast at the RC buffet is good but not 11 bucks good

11bucks included tip which is kinda nice

Coffee, the lifeblood of Conference-goers

  • 10:22 AM made it to my first conference : The Lost Goldmine of Blackboard Technology: The Blackboard Content Management Syatem.

Room is nice but I am not sure why they angled the projector

The PowerPoint has animated .gifs… How Windows 95

Overall, this was a very nice, professional seminar about the Content Management System in Blackboard. While my school doesn’t have it, I think it would be a very nice addition to any school using Blackboard. Being able to share and insert files across courses, and the entire university. Just from an OIT standpoint, wouldn’t it be nice to have an FAQ file dropped into every single course!

OK quick bathroom and water break and it’s off to seminar 2

11:30 AM using social networking services to interact with your online students

I think 2 million of the 3 million ipads sold were to instructional tech people sp they can take notes at BB world

OH NOES this presentation has Flash. I guess I will have to leave. It’s in Prezi.

We got handouts neat

Sometimes seminars set out to prove the obvious:”Online insrtuction is perceived differently from social networks” Maybe it is just me but that seems pretty obvious

Major concerns are security and meshing personal life and professional life.

Someone asks why not use chats instead. I think they are missing the point. Chats are a good way to work together, but chat is time bound. Doesn’t a chat session make  just another course meeting.

Kinda funny that this session seems to be turning to FB vs. Bb… Why hot use both? Why all the Fb hate?

Interesting discussions went on here is FB a viable tool for coursework? The jury is still put but i think it might be a cool topic to explore.

  • 1:45 PM Keynote Address

The head honchos are here to tell us how it is.

  • 3:30 PM I find myself falling asleep watching Ghost Hunters International in my Hotel room. i didn’t realize how tired I was
  • 6:30 PM Met up with John to head to dinner. We meet Fred the most insane cabby ever. We get a nice story of how he wrestled an Alligator with a belt to save his dog. And he really likes Frank Sinatra. It was a soothing music choice when he decided to do some off roading in the minivan cab
  • 8:30 PM Dinner at Texas de Brazil. What an amazing Rodizio. Great food but expensive
  • 10:30 PM Another Fred the cabbie experience but with less off roading which is cool. He decided to drive us back extra safe leaving the emergency break on the whole time. I guess its just easier than being bothered with brakes
  • 11:00 PM out in the humidity for some beers and a game of chess. Not a bad night all in all.

That’s it for day 2!

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